Our Company


You simply want your conveyors to run with the least amount of interruptions as possible. We understand.

Here’s how we can help:

Correctly sizing your drum motors

Minimizing the number of spares required through standardization

Providing quality 24/7 VIP service

We also keep detailed records so we can report back to you which motors are in your plant, how long each one runs and where the trouble spots are. With our reliable service, you will experience a measurable increase in the time your conveyors operate without maintenance or repair. That’s what we mean when we say that WE SELL RUN TIME.

Our History

With a God inspired vision, Justin Carmody founded Conveyor Technology in November of 1994. Through years of hard work, excellence in service, and great products, the company has experienced rapid growth and is now positioned as North America’s largest independent dealer and repair facility of drum motors. Our products include Van der Graaf® electric and Tech-Roll® hydraulic drum motors, which offer manufacturers a cleaner, safer and more reliable means of powering conveyor belts.


To provide an experience with Van der Graaf® electric, and Tech-Roll™ hydraulic drum motors that creates an overwhelmingly longer lifespan than traditional motors and gearboxes.


Using extensive product knowledge, prompt customer service and like new rebuilds, we commit to develop and maintain relationships with those conveying all types of products in which measurable increased production time is achieved.


Our only rule is, the customer is always right.

In everything you do, treat others the way you want to be treated.

A good attitude is the foundation of successful customer relationships.

Hire individuals whose moral and ethical values are a matter of conscience.

Value and respect the development of strong customer relationships.